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Kia ora koutou

You are what you eat – that is the wisdom of our mothers. Today science shows us the importance of eating natural and nutritious food for us to keep healthy and live a long, happy life. We want to continue to share that same knowledge with our families and give them the best food to keep them healthy and happy.

Mila Kunit
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EarthMum™ is based in New Zealand where we are very fortunate to have access to food produced in a clean and mostly stress free environment. It is our belief that everybody should have access to natural, healthy and organic food and that is why this business was started. We want to give you the opportunity to discover and share in some of these products grown or produced in New Zealand.
It is our philosophy to build a personal relationship with all our suppliers. We get to know them and we ensure that all their products are of a very high standard. It is important to us that the products we sell are produced in a manner that respects the environment and retains all the goodness that nature put into the food in the first place. We give you products that are of the highest quality, taste good and is healthy for your body and that of your families, but still at the best price possible.
Our team tries all the products we sell to also ensure that the taste and quality is the top notch. Where appropriate, our team of little people have also given their approval that the taste is the best!